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Virdes 52 Embedded Code Development Software
Develop Your Embedded Programming Skills for The 8052 & Test Your Code Using Our Virtual Hardware Layouts
Download & Try This Software* Now For Free!

No Prototyping Boards Required!
Watch your code working in real time* on your PC screen
Watch your code working in real time* on your PC screen
Test your code on the screen based virtual prototyping board layouts. All virtual board layouts include an industry standard virtual 8052 microcontroller.
Stop Wasting Time Building Prototype Boards!
Free Code Examples!
Watch our free C & assembly code examples working with our on-screen layouts. Edit the examples or write your own code in the easy to use development environment.
Notes:* - Real time operation of the layout display is dependant on the performance of your PC CPU.
Get Started In Minutes! Edit, Debug, Compile & Watch Your Code Running
Powerful Interactive Virtual Peripherals
Monitor & control the Virdes 52™ layouts with virtual peripherals - signal generator, PC terminal & oscilloscope
Watch how quickly you can get started with Virdes52
- We publish exciting new virtual layouts for you to download and add to Virdes 52™

We add more layouts based on your popular requests. Let us know what useful layouts you would like to add to Virdes52

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Step 1: Download & try out Virdes52™. Note: * Until you buy a Virdes 52™ licence the software you have downloaded will have limited functionality.

Step 2: Buy your user licence here and unlock the great features in your software.