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Virdes52 Download  (File Size 13.2MB)
You can download Virdes52™ software here for free.
You can then try out this software. Note: Some features of the software are disabled until you buy a software licence here>>

Downloading Virdes52™
1. Select the software link to download the file.
3. Once downloaded, unzip the folder and install. Follow the install instructions carefully. In the folder you will find a very helpful 'Virdes Guide.pdf' which clearly explains how to use the software.
4. Try out this great software then buy the number of licenses you require.
Note: 1 licence per PC.

Activating Your Licence
Note: The PC on which you have installed the software application must be actively connected to the internet (online) in order to activate our software on your PC.

1. Once you have purchased your licence(s) you will receive an e-mail with your 'User Name' & 'User ID'. Store and print this information and keep it in a safe location. This information will be used to manage your License(s).
2. Launch Virdes52™.
3. On opening the application, you will be presented with the Virdes License Dialog window. Note: The License status should be displayed as 'Unlicensed'.
4. Enter your 'User Name' and 'User ID' (as supplied on our confirmation e-mail) in the appropriate fields. Select the 'Obtain License' button (remember, you must be online).
5. The software application will activate. Note: The License status should be displayed as 'Licensed'. Select the 'Done' Button, the application will now continue to open.
6. Your software is now ready to use on this PC.

Download Free Layouts Here!
Virdes52 users can download more free layouts and sample code here to add to your current range of project layouts. Read More


Step 1: Download & try out Virdes52™. Note: * Until you buy a Virdes 52™ licence the software you have downloaded will have limited functionality.

Step 2: Buy your user licence here and unlock the great features in your software.